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Sasara is one of Uzume's dolls, Sasara also is the first one who saved Uzume from Kagami Totori and Kū Kunoichi. Sasara is strict towards Uzume. In other hand, she is feared of being abandoned by Uzume like her previous master. Sasara is the only that calls Uzume by its name.


Katia is one of Uzume's dolls, who soon being discovered by Miko.


Shimeji is one of Uzume's dolls, who is the most feared of being abandoned by Uzume. Shimeji is the one who made Uzume's "personal mark".


Akari is one of Uzume's dolls, she is strict on Uzume.


Madeleine is one of Uzume's dolls, who provides tactics in battles. She is also feared of being abandoned by Uzume.

Card ClubEdit

Kagami TotoriEdit

Kagami is the first master who attempted to take Uzume's cards. Uzume tried to act cool towards her as in the card club, but failed. Kagami is also called to act tsundere towards Uzume.

Manai HazukiEdit

Manai is Card Club's president, who beg Uzume to join the club. She supports Uzume as her friend.

Mutual Hopes' Supporting CommitteeEdit

Komachi SeishōEdit

Komachi is Uzume's admired "senpai", who soon revealed to be Mutual Hopes' Supporting Committee and Uzume's dolls' previous master. She seeks the dolls to revive her doll Sonet.


Anne is one of Mutual Hopes' Supporting Committee member who helped Uzume like providing informations hand helped in battles.


Mikoto UnoEdit

Mikoto is Uzume's mother.

Miko UnoEdit

Miko is Uzume's little sister, who befriends with Katia, and soon discovered the existence of Dolls.

Defense Intelligence HeadquartersEdit

Rafflesia no KimiEdit

Rafflesia no Kimi is one of Defense Intelligence Headquarters member, who gave Uzume's dolls. He is also Uzume's homeroom teacher on her school.

Rinto MikasaEdit

He is Rafflesia's partner and indirectly protecting Uzume.