Uzume Uno
Fantasista Doll - OP 00.16
鵜野 うずめ
Uno Uzume
Age 14
Gender Female
Classification Human

Ayaka Ōhashi

Uzume Uno (鵜野 うずめ Uno Uzume?) is the lead protagonist of the series Fantasista Doll.


Uzume has orange-ish brown hair and eyes. Her hair is usually tied down into twintails and decorated with various-shaped black ribbons. She usually wears her school uniform, properly worn with it's hat and white thigh-high socks.


Uzume appears to be a typical magical girl type. One that is cheerful and bright and enjoys sharing her joy with everyone around her. For a long time she was a big fan of trading card battle games, but decided to drop the hobby act act more grown-up. She can be pretty strict sometimes, but can also be foolish and naive. 


Uzume comes from a normal family and has no actual relation with the world of Fantasista Dolls. However, Komachi Seishō is aware that she might be the master of Sasara and others, asked Kagami Totori to take over Uzume's cards before Uzume made the contract.



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Other AppearancesEdit

Uzume-kagami lucentheart

Uzume and Kagami in Lucent Heart.

Lucent HeartEdit

Uzume is one of the Fantasista Doll characters which featured in the MMORPG "Lucent Heart". She was featured as a costum avatar and being sale on Spetember 25 until October 9, 2013 with 200 GASH points.


Uzume is the first character of Fantasista Doll series which appeared in the social game "YomeColle". Total of her character cards are 16 cards. Her seiyū, Ayaka Ōhashi also featured in this game with total 40 character cards.


  • (to her childhood friend)"I am not a child anymore."


  • She shares the same seiyū with Ran Shibuki from Aikatsu! anime series. Both Fantasista Doll and Aikatsu! are also card-themed girls series.