Fantasista Doll - OP 01.02
Gender Female
Classification Doll

Minami Tsuda

Sasara (ささら?) is one of the main characters of Fantasista Doll series.


Sasara has long golden hair, which she usually wears in a ponytail decorated with wing clips, and slightly angled topaz eyes. She usually wears a blouse underneath a white jacket that has yellow-orange cuffs and collar, along with four yellow star-shaped buttons and a brown bow with white accents and a star in the center. She wears orange shorts with white trimming and a pair of white thigh-high boots with laces on top shaped like a cross.

When Sasara is summoned in a Card Battle, her hair is still in her normal ponytail with her wing clips. Instead of a shirt and shorts she now wears a red dress with a white and blue plaid-patterened red skirt. At her hips are blue ribbons at which a single blue tail. The top part of the dress is white, with triangular wings sticking out. She has red sleeves which have a similar design to the top. She wears white socks that go from her ankles to thighs. At the top of them are white ruffles and at the bottom of them are blue ribbons. Her shoes are simple red heels. She wears white gloves which flare at the wrist and are decorated with a red trim and blure ribbon.


A stubborn doll who often spends a lot of her time arguing with Uzume.





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Other AppearancesEdit

Sasara lucentheart

Sasara in Lucent Heart.

Lucent HeartEdit

Sasara is one of the Fantasista Doll characters which featured in the MMORPG "Lucent Heart". She is featured as a combat pet and was on sale from October 25 until November 6, 2013 for 250 GASH points.


Uzume is the second character of Fantasista Doll series which appeared in the social game "YomeColle". Total of her character cards are 16 cards.