Komachi Seisho
Fantasista Doll - OP 01.16
Age About 14 -16
Gender Female
Classification Human


Episode 1


Kaori Nazuka

Komachi Seisho (清正 小町 Seishou Komachi?) is the final antagonist of the Fantasista Doll series


Komachi has pale blonde hair, which is bunched into loose twin-tails and golden-brown eyes. She wears a black and white school uniform, wih a pale grey cardigan, knee-high white socks and black ballet-like shoes.


Komachi is often very calm and positive in nature, often giving advice to other students. It is later revealed that she is also very determined, working for years to realize her dream of reviving Sonnet, and an also be quite cold, not caring about the sake of Proto Zero or Uzume's dolls in the task of completing her task.

History Edit

Though we don't know much about Komachi, it is revealed that she is actually the previous owner of Uzume's dolls.