Mae e (前へ lit. Forward) is the second track in Fantasista Doll Character Song !! Vol. 3. It is performed by

Performed by Madeleine
Release Date October 16, 2013
Label TOHO animation Records
Madeleine (CV: Ohara Sayaka)

Track ListingEdit

  1. Candy Magic
  2. Mae e (前へ)
  3. DAY BY DAY  (LCA Remix)
  4. Candy Magic (Off Vocal
  5. Mae e (前へ) (Off Vocal)
  6. DAY BY DAY (LCA Remix) (Off Vocal


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No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Mae e 5:04
02 - Mae e
02 Mae e (Off Vocal) 4:32
05 - Mae e (off vocal)