Fantasista Dolls (ファンタジスタドール Fantajisuta Dōru?) are magical-girl based beings who live within cards to grant their masters' wishes.

History and OriginEdit

Fantasista Dolls created by a company that soon got caught up in an international conspiracy.

Construction and TheoryEdit


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Uzume UnoEdit

Uzume is the protagonist of the series. She is responsible for Sasara, Katia, Shimeji, Akari, and Madeleine.

Kagami TotoriEdit

Kagami is Uzume's friend as in the Card Club. She is responsible for Kū Kunoichi, A. S., Mazon, Lili Super 1, and Lamq.

Manai HatsukiEdit

Manai is Card Club's president, her dolls ―like Uzume― was given by Rafflesia no Kimi. She is responsible for Bonbon, Tuné, Suzuri, Yugake, and Ukiwa


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Sasara is the first doll who appeared in the series, and the leader of Uzume's dolls. She was previously Komachi Seishō's doll, along with her team. The main purpose of her creation is to collect memories and emotions to revive Mutual Hopes' Supporting Committee's doll Sonet. Her type is a swordsman.

Kū KunoichiEdit

Kū is Kagami's most seen doll, who attempted to take Uzume's device and cards before Uzume made the contract. She is a ninja-styled doll.


An unknown doll who is Komachi Seishō's reason to create the Mutual Hopes' Supporting Committee.